Whether it’s a hole in the wall caused by playful roughhousing, a stress crack, or damage from a plumbing leak, drywall damage happens, leaving behind unsightly blemishes that depreciate your home value.

While filling a hole or a crack on your own may seem easy enough, the reality is completing a repair that leaves your wall looking new is much more difficult to accomplish.

Now, having your drywall repaired is easier than ever. PatchMaster East Valley specializes in drywall repair, ensuring that your once damaged wall looks good as new.

“This is all we do every day, so our guys show up to the job ready and know how to match the texture,” said owner Greg Evans. “What it really comes down to with drywall is it’s not that hard to install. What’s really difficult is to match the texture on a wall and blend the new patch into the existing drywall so you don’t know a patch was completed.”

In fact, much of PatchMaster’s business is re-doing previous patch repairs to improve the look of the wall and match the texture for a seamless finish.

“We have great ratings, success and happy customers who say, ‘That’s impressive, I wish I would have hired you the first time,’” said Greg.

Not only do customers enjoy the beautiful look of properly repaired drywall, it’s also beneficial for those trying to sell their homes. Many potential buyers can be uneasy when seeing poorly repaired drywall that makes them wonder how bad the damage was, or what the seller is trying to hide.

“If you see a house that’s nice and clean, and someone can walk in and say, ‘This is 100 percent ready and I can move into it,’ that’s very different than if you see a couple of spots that you can tell have been patched or has cracks,” said Greg. “Your eye is drawn to those areas that need repair and the buyers remember those areas rather than being able to focus on the great things about the house.”

Not only does PatchMaster ensure quality craftmanship with its team of professional drywall technicians, it also puts high priority on ease, cleanliness and customer service.

“We try to be customer oriented and go out of our way to make sure customers are happy, and work with them to figure out the best options for them.”

Originally published on upcloseaz.com on January 20, 2020. Written by Jamie Killin